Saturday, October 6th 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve been here. This is me dusting off the cobs webs ad coughing through the dust that’s built up over time. You could call me a traitor of some sort since Tumblr is having some sort of maintenance thing so, where else would I go?

I think I’ve avoided coming here because there’s a danger that I might tell everything with no filter. WordPress gives me the opportunity to do this. Words upon words upon words of… Me. I’m not sure that makes for great writing ha :’).

A lot has happened since I’ve been here last. I’m in 6th form. I’m not that much taller (no surprise), though I think my feet are growing. I’m still Indie Evie, somewhere inside. My group of ‘friends’ has grown smaller. I have a boyfriend. But aside of everything, I’m still me.

So, I’m sitting here listening to Deaf Havana latest album and feeling tired. Which I have been for a long time. That’s thing about the word ‘tired’. It’s so vague. I don’t think if I told anyone what I actually meant they’d believe me. I’m exhausted, and shattered. I’m tired. People my age shouldn’t feel this tired. It’s not a matter of sleep. It’s so much more than that.

Well, it’s been nice writing you. 

I’m holding out for a saving grace, to show me the error of my ways. I really need a change. I’m not a pessimist but sometimes hope is missed or missing. I haven’t felt so fucking drained, I need a break.


Untill, I write again. Much love, always. xx



So it’s been a long time since I posted here. I keep to my word and how could I never abandon the blog that made me who I am today?!

Things have been changing and moving forward. I’d love to tell you something awesome like I was abducted by aliens who took me to Mars and gave me super powers then dropped me back on Earth with the knowledge that I was now the daughter of KalEl and had to save the world but no. Nothing.

I’m pretty sure that I’ll have some stories for you soon though.

Love Always Indie Xxx

p.s. Don’t forget to check out my tumblr, you’ll LOVE it!

Here goes…

This feels a little like when you’ve had a baby and you’re introducing it to the child you already have, not that I would know what that feels like :’).

I know I said I’d never do it guys, and don’t think that I’ll ever completely abandon you because I won’t. Indie Evie, will forever be my baby and I have been proud to be the owner of this wonderful blog and still will be, just not as frequently.

I’ve loved every post, every reblog etc. But it’s time to move on. I’ll still be around so feel free to like and comment and I’ll always show my appreciation.

Love forever and always. Salome Goka a.k.a Individualistic Evie.


I know I said I’d upload pictures and my incessant prom talk has probably made you guys more anxious than me.

But I have something more than that. But that’s not for you.

It was an amazing night, you guys. It was honestly so beautiful. Everyone looked beautiful, the girls looked gorgeous in their dresses and the guys dapper in their suits. The best part was just being there with everyone. I loved it. Every second of it. Even the part where I stepped on my dress.

                                                                                                  Kisses. Evie.

I don’t want to leave. I want to be forever young, you know, dance in style, dance for a while, die young or live forever?

We want to smile and laugh like we used to. We don’t want to miss a second – We want to be in it. In the moment like it’s real, like it’s now, with each and every single person that ever came and went. Came and stayed.

Yeah, we’ll have memories, but after a while they become distant, deformed and denatured. Like, In a way that’s different from how they really were; adjusted and fuzzy, fix what I prefer. But what if what I prefer isn’t real? We want those moments as they were; flaws and all. We want the feeling. The one where nothing mattered, where problems, concerns and tomorrows and pushed into the shadows and given no attention.

Change is one of few constants. It’s inevitable. life is short, it’s true. Yesterday is years but seems like minutes and seconds.

amongst the angst I feel about the here and now, I found that tomorrow is better than yesterday. And that I’m living in today and ready for tomorrow. That’s the way it has to be. So I think I’m ready now…

Indie x

Prom Dress

You probably don’t care but I am sitting about 2 meters away from my prom dress; yes, I finally brought her home.

I won’t mention that when I arrived at the shop yesterday they told me that my dress wasn’t ready even though It was meant to be ready last week. All is well because in the end they finished it. I got my purse and jewelry and one is WELL EXCITED! Now all that’s left to do is my hair!

‘Prom Prom Prometty Prom Prom‘ Those are my thoughts at this particular moment in time. Oh and tweet me @IndieEvie 

I’m so excited, it’s actually just silly.

All that I’m after is a …

All that I’m after is a life full of laughter
As long as I’m laughing with you.
I’m thinkin’ that all that still matters is love ever after
After the life we’ve been through

Cause I know there’s no life after you

Daughtry – Life After You


One of my all time favorite lyrics, thought I’d share them with you.



This photo is dedicated to my brother Jasper. I don’t think I need to say much more than that.

Avril Lavigne 'Nobody's Home'

Avril Lavigne 'Nobody's Home'

Just a little something I wrote. I wasn’t thinking. For once

Some days are sunnier than others. Some days are funnier than others. Some days the wounds, though healed, kill like they’re fresh, and I allow them to. It’s okay though ’cause I know this guy. They call him ‘Time’, I’ve heard them talk. They say he heals. We’ll be okay. But, that may be a lie. I’ve heard it so many times.

I can’t help her, she just makes the same mistakes over and over. Other times, though, I catch her thinking – I told her that was a dangerous place. She has her places. Deep inside. ‘Safe’ places and don’t we all?

Indie Evie x


Good News, guys! I found my prom dress. ‘Hoorah’ the crowd cheers from below the balcony. ‘Hoorah, Hoorah’.

Okay, so all is well-ish. My dress is gorgeous, I love her. Yes I am personifying her because I am that in love. She is silver, some may say gray but they are wrong. She has a diamond-shaped brooch just below the chest area, strapless, horizontal gathers around the breast area and vertical gathers just below the chest to hold the brooch in place. Last but not least a sheath down the front (is that what they’re called? Like, a trail but down the front) and a trail at the back; which I am now having second thoughts about because I heard a lot of dresses get stepped on.

Finding a dress was difficult because, well the mother and I have such different tastes but I’m glad she was there to help despite the difference in opinions because, well, we got there in the end. The ‘ish’ part of this post is subject to that I want my dress NOW, here. But, mum’s busy working and we have to be together to pick it up  and we are both busy. Meh.

So, now all that is needed is some jewelry; something dainty and elegant, and of course to sort out my hair, majorly.  Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park, London is packed with dresses at this time of the year; I recommend it to anyone looking for a prom dress, they do offer a wide range of choices but unfortunately a lot of the dresses are the same.

I will you keep you posted on the whole ‘prom’ thing.

xoxo Indie


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