Summer Came Like Cinnamon, So Sweet.

So It's Autumn ( Fall for you Americanos). Sew Me.

Ok, so this post is about Autumn and not Summer. As you can see from the above picture, I have been incredibly inspired by the good old British weather to write a post. September by Daughtry taught me that September is goodbye to summer and summer romance, but even with all the rain we could still carry on in enjoy and say ‘it was worth it in the end’. I never thought I’d say this but, as much as I love you Daughtry, I beg to differ. I can’t seem to believe that in Endland we have had a week of blazing sunshine that meant this weekend everyone was all shorts and shades ( LA would probably consider our sunshine their -10 degrees though!), unfortunately i think it may be short lived. Long story short ( or ill be here forever!) I LOVE AUTUMN. Forget the cold, It’s not about that. The colours are spectacular, greens, reds and yellows all mixed in and mashed together. Every time, I see it every year and I still  never get used to it, the beauty is overwhelming, take five minutes to notice it, The way the warm light beams it’s way through the tree leaves. And with the August type sunshine we’ve been having lately It’s been that little bit more beautiful. Walking home, Corrine Bailey Rae’s Put Your Records On, came into my head. It’s just the kinda song that accompanies this mood, it’s just right. Summer did come like Cinnamon, It was sweet, but its didnt wanna leave and came again in September, and I’ll enjoy it… While It’s here. I hope you do too.

xoxo Indie


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