One Swift Movement

You've been Taylored, Swiftly.

I seem to be the only teen girl who has noticed that Taylor Swifts songs are all about love and relationship ( you’re probably thinkin ‘no shizz Sherlock!’). Yes, I’ll admit it, Taylor Swift’s songs drive me crazy. I’m not taking a stab at Taylor, I think she is a beautiful girl with loads talent.

I and a bunch of friends (all girls) have openly admitted that Taylor’s songs make us want to be in love. I think it’s unhealthy but we enjoy the music so much that we dont see it, we forget about what it is that keeps us young, we forget about living for today. No doubt boys are hot and as young women we should be allowed to drool but believe me once you got one, it’s STRESSFUL! You will be surprised to know I have taken the dramatic step of removing ALL her songs from my playlist, to save my young mind from a warped-fairytale-media-imposed vision of love.

All I’m saying is DONT BE HYPNOTIZED BY THE ‘LOVE’ STORY. We are young, lets embrace it, go out have a good time, watch the sunset and hang on to hope. Relationships aren’t everything at 15. Focus on knowing yourself before you let someone else know you. Enjoy Life. Dont be Tailored, Be You.

xoxo Indie


2 responses

  1. I like your message here, about knowing yourself before you let someone else know you. (Don’t be “tailored” or “Taylored”?)

    1. Aww thank you! And yes Tailored as in ‘made’ and ofcourse the pun with her name. Thank you for your comment! x

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