I have Influenza. A viral Infection that belongs to the family Orthomyxoviridae. I may not make it through the nuclear winter. I need an overcoat ( no reference to Green Day). Yes, an overcoat lined with fur, preferably cashmere. And snug gloves and a scarf that doesn’t make me feel like my neck is wrapped in a cotton Anaconda.

I’ll live. I won’t lie. I’ve come here to complain about the flu and for sympathy. I don’t like being ill but then again, no one does. Let’s forget the fact that my hearing has dimmed by 0.2% and my nose is incessantly blocked. I have a mild and annoying chesty cough that requires Benylin (the kiddy one ’cause I like how it tastes).

I need to go scarf shopping asap and buy me one of those hooded scarfs with the ears or a pair of gloves that are reem. Yes, I said reem. I don’t like being ill. I even went to the extent of eating 3 of my five a day in one go! You have to understand that this is an achievement for me. I hardly ever do this but I was so desperate to get well, I guess it was too late. I’ve had honey and lemon tea (I guess it helped a little).

When you’re ill you value you’re health more. Let’s thank God for our excellent health, there are some people out there who have something more than just the flu, something that won’t go away. And they might not make it through 2011. Don’t forget them.

Evie here wishing you good health this Christmas! Love Yaz! *cough,cough*.


xoxo   Evie.


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