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Prom Dress

You probably don’t care but I am sitting about 2 meters away from my prom dress; yes, I finally brought her home.

I won’t mention that when I arrived at the shop yesterday they told me that my dress wasn’t ready even though It was meant to be ready last week. All is well because in the end they finished it. I got my purse and jewelry and one is WELL EXCITED! Now all that’s left to do is my hair!

‘Prom Prom Prometty Prom Prom‘ Those are my thoughts at this particular moment in time. Oh and tweet me @IndieEvie 

I’m so excited, it’s actually just silly.



Yes. That’s right. See the word above. That is the ACTUAL title of this post. Does it make you feel good?

I won’t use any fancy words for those simple-minded dim wits that this is directed to (not my wonderful readers nor the general public, but those uneducated few; decide which category you best fit into).

It takes a lot to get me mad to the point of tearing you to pieces. There are three main things that make me ANGRY (like, PROPER anger). I will leave the other two for future rants.

‘Nigger’ is a derogatory term, it is meant to PUT YOU DOWN, DEGRADE YOU, LOWER YOUR MORAL STANDARDS etc. So then, having learnt this as if you had never known before, WHY accept it as a title..?

Praises and thanks to senseless rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac, Drake and Kanye for turning it into a fashion. I don’t know, maybe some people love to be referred to by a word that carries so much hate with it. Maybe, I’m just crazy in not wanting to turn the hundreds of years of suffering of the Black Man into a ‘casual’ thing or a joke or some sort of  ‘common ground’… Listen… If the only connection between you and me is that we are both ‘niggers’ so, you feel the need to refer to me as one then I don’t think we can be friends. Simple.

And to those black people who say “Oh, but that’s what you are”. You do realise that you are openly accepting a name that was used to insult you. It also implies that you are owned by a white person. Isn’t that nice?! And DO NOT give me “the meaning has changed since then” the only thing that has changed is stupid people like you lying to themselves, runnin’ around thinking they’re cool saying ‘Nigga’ like “ha ha, you can’t say it unless you’re black”. Shut-up. You’re stupid.

I AM NOT WILLING for the battle of Martin Luther King and other great Black Heroes to be in vain. We’ve come so far, I am a black child in a predominantly white school and I’m treated fairly, and that’s just a fragment of what the years of battle was for.

I, as an individual, am EXTREMELY offended by the use of the N word. I don’t care whether you’re singing it, humming it, writing it, saying it, or whatever. You, being of another ethnic background and saying makes it even worse, it is disrespectful and not to mention racist and shows the kind of person YOU are and how much respect you have for the black race not to mention my individual self.

Let’s put a stop to it. ALL RACIST TALK IS WRONG. It’s not a nice word, don’t use it. At least not around me.




 I can’t even begin to express the anticipation I am feeling for prom. I have to find a dress. I want to apologise to everyone who has to read this and listen to the vain rantings of a teenage girl.

So, I had found a dress, and it was perfect. But I changed my mind since I found the same dress on 3 other websites (plus it got claimed by some other person; and me being me allowed her to have it. Why am I so nice?!). It turns out though, that people usually have an idea of what they are wearing but pretty much turn out with something different.

I just want to look amazing. I know that if I allow myself to  get worked up then no matter what i find it won’t be good enough. But rest assured I will keep my mind open, dedicate a whole weekend to dress shopping. Sorry, did I say dress shopping, I meant dress HUNTING. Like, an explorer in the Jungle I will pounce upon anything stunning. I’ll duck and dive and roll into shops and keep an eye out for danger (tacky, puffy, massive dresses). On second thoughts, I’ll look a bit strange doing that.

So, with just over 2 months untill the big day; I can only hope and pray that the right dress is waiting for  me, just me in some shop somewhere. Waiting, hoping to be owned, draping hopeless on a hanger searching for an owner. Grrr, I’m gonna get aggressive with this prom thing!

                                                                                                                                                    Peace Out Yo!       Evie xoxox

“You see, The Dreamers need the realists to keep them from soaring too close to the sun; and The Realists without the dreamers – they might not ever get off the ground”

Just a beautiful quote from todays episode of Modern Family (L). In this world there will be people who are completely bent on ‘routine’ and don’t know how to follow their heart. Then there are those who follow their heart so much it leads them to destruction. A healthy mix brings joy and prosperity and this comes in Christ.

Follow your heart but use your mind cos that’s where your sense is. Emotions are decieving and unstable. Don’t lean upon your own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6) have faith in God.

                                                                                                                                                                       xoxo Evie

A Social Minefield

Hello and Welcome to High School. A social Minefield.

We’ve all been there. The thing with high school is, it never changes. Time can fly by, fashions will come in and out but no matter your race or gender, as long as you’re a teenager, rest assured the jungle we call ‘school’ will chew you up and spit you out.

Now, I don’t mean to discourage those of you who havent reached that yet but wise words; you will have your ups and down (extreme suicidal moments, heart breaks and moments of pure insanity and hysterics of laughter) but you’ll never forget it. In fact, your experience in school has the capacity to shape your future, who you are and who you become. unfortunately our teenage years are the ones where we discover who we are, make stupid choices, see the world for what it really is and discover who our real friends are. Today I witnessed something that upset me and thank God (literally) that I know who I am.

People *cough* Girls *cough* will, bitch and just be plain nasty and for no absolute reason. I do believe it’s in our nature as women but that’s no excuse to carry on doing it anyway. Boys will be boys ( rough ‘n’ tumble)  and of course will always be there to break our hearts carelessly.

 God has kept you till now, he’ll keep you till tomorrow (if he wills). He has plans for your life, even if it doesnt seem so. Forget those popular kids that give everyone evils in the cafeteria. Forget the boy that used those three words with his lips but not his heart. Forget those friends that lied to you. But remember it wont last forever. But then again Bowling For Soup said ‘High School Never Ends’…here we go again.

Enjoy it while it lasts. Dont rush into things. Dont get involved in the Gossip (trudat!) and Be true to yourself. Its okay, to be who you are. If they really like you they wont care what your like.

High school can’t be described. it just has to be experienced. Those are, and will always be The Best Days Of Your Life.           xoxo Evie

Its 2 o’Clock In The Morning…

  The winds are viscous tonight.They are so loud. I’m not even sure I shut the window properly. They have a shadow thats letting a tiny bit of a chill into the room.

  Its 2am and I’m up reading The Bible. I havent posted anything in ages, but its okay, It’s not like I owe anyone anything. I’m not one of those people who just has to post everyday or else!

  But I’ll tell you what – I went to Church Camp last week and celebrated The Festival of Shelters ( When Israel were in the wildernes…You basically give thanks to God). All in all it was awesome! I KNOW it’s not cool to think so or blog about it bu thats Indie. Aside the worship, sermons and food the atmosphere was electric. One of the parts I’ll never forget was laying on our balcony looking at the stars, they were almost close enough to touch, so sparkly. And they didn’t try to outdo each other either, they just lay there in their glory waiting to take someone breath away but how much Greater the One who made them?!  

  It was a wonderful experience. those of you who know Indie know I was enticed by Autumn Chill and her colours, the night sky took my breath away and the Tennessee style ranch with a lake behind it was just the icing on the cake! I wish I had pictures but, they’re in my head. I loved it. I’ve always wanted to stare into the night sky ( being me I couldnt resist but do a small Titanic scene! The one where he’s in the water and she says I’ll never let go then lets go).Reach for the stars guys, even if its cold, They’re not that far away!

                                                                                              xoxo Individualistic Evie

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