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Prom Dress

You probably don’t care but I am sitting about 2 meters away from my prom dress; yes, I finally brought her home.

I won’t mention that when I arrived at the shop yesterday they told me that my dress wasn’t ready even though It was meant to be ready last week. All is well because in the end they finished it. I got my purse and jewelry and one is WELL EXCITED! Now all that’s left to do is my hair!

‘Prom Prom Prometty Prom Prom‘ Those are my thoughts at this particular moment in time. Oh and tweet me @IndieEvie 

I’m so excited, it’s actually just silly.



Good News, guys! I found my prom dress. ‘Hoorah’ the crowd cheers from below the balcony. ‘Hoorah, Hoorah’.

Okay, so all is well-ish. My dress is gorgeous, I love her. Yes I am personifying her because I am that in love. She is silver, some may say gray but they are wrong. She has a diamond-shaped brooch just below the chest area, strapless, horizontal gathers around the breast area and vertical gathers just below the chest to hold the brooch in place. Last but not least a sheath down the front (is that what they’re called? Like, a trail but down the front) and a trail at the back; which I am now having second thoughts about because I heard a lot of dresses get stepped on.

Finding a dress was difficult because, well the mother and I have such different tastes but I’m glad she was there to help despite the difference in opinions because, well, we got there in the end. The ‘ish’ part of this post is subject to that I want my dress NOW, here. But, mum’s busy working and we have to be together to pick it up  and we are both busy. Meh.

So, now all that is needed is some jewelry; something dainty and elegant, and of course to sort out my hair, majorly.  Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park, London is packed with dresses at this time of the year; I recommend it to anyone looking for a prom dress, they do offer a wide range of choices but unfortunately a lot of the dresses are the same.

I will you keep you posted on the whole ‘prom’ thing.

xoxo Indie

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