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Good News, guys! I found my prom dress. ‘Hoorah’ the crowd cheers from below the balcony. ‘Hoorah, Hoorah’.

Okay, so all is well-ish. My dress is gorgeous, I love her. Yes I am personifying her because I am that in love. She is silver, some may say gray but they are wrong. She has a diamond-shaped brooch just below the chest area, strapless, horizontal gathers around the breast area and vertical gathers just below the chest to hold the brooch in place. Last but not least a sheath down the front (is that what they’re called? Like, a trail but down the front) and a trail at the back; which I am now having second thoughts about because I heard a lot of dresses get stepped on.

Finding a dress was difficult because, well the mother and I have such different tastes but I’m glad she was there to help despite the difference in opinions because, well, we got there in the end. The ‘ish’ part of this post is subject to that I want my dress NOW, here. But, mum’s busy working and we have to be together to pick it up  and we are both busy. Meh.

So, now all that is needed is some jewelry; something dainty and elegant, and of course to sort out my hair, majorly.  Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park, London is packed with dresses at this time of the year; I recommend it to anyone looking for a prom dress, they do offer a wide range of choices but unfortunately a lot of the dresses are the same.

I will you keep you posted on the whole ‘prom’ thing.

xoxo Indie


January Baby

     I told you I’d let you know how my birthday night went in my previous post ‘Birthday Blues’. Well the good news is; I really enjoyed it!

I won’t deny it was very busy day. But what can I say? I won’t forget it, and don’t regret a single second of it ( or maybe my hair :/). unfortunately not everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did but  some things are just meant to be left in the past; when I look back at that night I want to remember the intensely drunk teen who had us all in fits of laughter, the rich chocolate cake *dribbles* and of course being surrounded by most of my most favourite people.

I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am for my friends, all of them. And of course my beautiful family. If you weren’t there – shame. But honestly, nights like that stay gold forever.

Zizzi’s did a FANTASTIC job with the service, if you’re anywhere near Loughton, Essex I very much urge you to visit this Italian Ristorante. I loved the food, though my Pizza went cold quick. Cakes & Shakes topped off the night with a cute 50’s style diner hang out spot and a Crunchie Bar to wish me a happy birthday :3.

Thankyou to everyone. Can’t thank you enough. You make ageing bearable 

At 16, we pride ourselves in being mature.

                                                                                                                                                                            Indie xxx


Its 2 o’Clock In The Morning…

  The winds are viscous tonight.They are so loud. I’m not even sure I shut the window properly. They have a shadow thats letting a tiny bit of a chill into the room.

  Its 2am and I’m up reading The Bible. I havent posted anything in ages, but its okay, It’s not like I owe anyone anything. I’m not one of those people who just has to post everyday or else!

  But I’ll tell you what – I went to Church Camp last week and celebrated The Festival of Shelters ( When Israel were in the wildernes…You basically give thanks to God). All in all it was awesome! I KNOW it’s not cool to think so or blog about it bu thats Indie. Aside the worship, sermons and food the atmosphere was electric. One of the parts I’ll never forget was laying on our balcony looking at the stars, they were almost close enough to touch, so sparkly. And they didn’t try to outdo each other either, they just lay there in their glory waiting to take someone breath away but how much Greater the One who made them?!  

  It was a wonderful experience. those of you who know Indie know I was enticed by Autumn Chill and her colours, the night sky took my breath away and the Tennessee style ranch with a lake behind it was just the icing on the cake! I wish I had pictures but, they’re in my head. I loved it. I’ve always wanted to stare into the night sky ( being me I couldnt resist but do a small Titanic scene! The one where he’s in the water and she says I’ll never let go then lets go).Reach for the stars guys, even if its cold, They’re not that far away!

                                                                                              xoxo Individualistic Evie

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