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 I can’t even begin to express the anticipation I am feeling for prom. I have to find a dress. I want to apologise to everyone who has to read this and listen to the vain rantings of a teenage girl.

So, I had found a dress, and it was perfect. But I changed my mind since I found the same dress on 3 other websites (plus it got claimed by some other person; and me being me allowed her to have it. Why am I so nice?!). It turns out though, that people usually have an idea of what they are wearing but pretty much turn out with something different.

I just want to look amazing. I know that if I allow myself to  get worked up then no matter what i find it won’t be good enough. But rest assured I will keep my mind open, dedicate a whole weekend to dress shopping. Sorry, did I say dress shopping, I meant dress HUNTING. Like, an explorer in the Jungle I will pounce upon anything stunning. I’ll duck and dive and roll into shops and keep an eye out for danger (tacky, puffy, massive dresses). On second thoughts, I’ll look a bit strange doing that.

So, with just over 2 months untill the big day; I can only hope and pray that the right dress is waiting for  me, just me in some shop somewhere. Waiting, hoping to be owned, draping hopeless on a hanger searching for an owner. Grrr, I’m gonna get aggressive with this prom thing!

                                                                                                                                                    Peace Out Yo!       Evie xoxox

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