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Yes. That’s right. See the word above. That is the ACTUAL title of this post. Does it make you feel good?

I won’t use any fancy words for those simple-minded dim wits that this is directed to (not my wonderful readers nor the general public, but those uneducated few; decide which category you best fit into).

It takes a lot to get me mad to the point of tearing you to pieces. There are three main things that make me ANGRY (like, PROPER anger). I will leave the other two for future rants.

‘Nigger’ is a derogatory term, it is meant to PUT YOU DOWN, DEGRADE YOU, LOWER YOUR MORAL STANDARDS etc. So then, having learnt this as if you had never known before, WHY accept it as a title..?

Praises and thanks to senseless rappers like Jay-Z, Tupac, Drake and Kanye for turning it into a fashion. I don’t know, maybe some people love to be referred to by a word that carries so much hate with it. Maybe, I’m just crazy in not wanting to turn the hundreds of years of suffering of the Black Man into a ‘casual’ thing or a joke or some sort of  ‘common ground’… Listen… If the only connection between you and me is that we are both ‘niggers’ so, you feel the need to refer to me as one then I don’t think we can be friends. Simple.

And to those black people who say “Oh, but that’s what you are”. You do realise that you are openly accepting a name that was used to insult you. It also implies that you are owned by a white person. Isn’t that nice?! And DO NOT give me “the meaning has changed since then” the only thing that has changed is stupid people like you lying to themselves, runnin’ around thinking they’re cool saying ‘Nigga’ like “ha ha, you can’t say it unless you’re black”. Shut-up. You’re stupid.

I AM NOT WILLING for the battle of Martin Luther King and other great Black Heroes to be in vain. We’ve come so far, I am a black child in a predominantly white school and I’m treated fairly, and that’s just a fragment of what the years of battle was for.

I, as an individual, am EXTREMELY offended by the use of the N word. I don’t care whether you’re singing it, humming it, writing it, saying it, or whatever. You, being of another ethnic background and saying makes it even worse, it is disrespectful and not to mention racist and shows the kind of person YOU are and how much respect you have for the black race not to mention my individual self.

Let’s put a stop to it. ALL RACIST TALK IS WRONG. It’s not a nice word, don’t use it. At least not around me.


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